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Welcome to Authoratory!

Authoratory is a unique database of contact information, professional interests, social connections and funding of 1,084,582 leading scientists!

Academia or the private sector, whether you seek an expert witness, a sales lead, an inside connection, a job, a hire, or a reference - its all here in Authoratory!

The content of Authoratory is produced by an artificial intelligence computer program, which analyzes millions of articles indexed by PubMed. The articles published by each author are carefully inspected to create a personalized report. All of the reports are available here on the Authoratory web site.

"...a great example of how effective data-mining can be in a literature database..."


Authoratory data mining reports and the community membership are FREE for educational non-commercial and government use. If you are a community member already please login, or create FREE account to start using Authoratory now!