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2Michael T Rudd


Summary for 2002 [at-glance overview of Michael T Rudd work for the selected year as suggested by data mining algorithms]

This is an Authoratory overview of author Michael T Rudd. According to available data, in 2002 Michael T Rudd published at least 2 articles. This work was completed in collaboration with several authors including Trost, Barry M and Ramachandran, P Veeraraghavan. There is at least one grant awarded to support this work. All time total of the grant awards on file exceeds $26,176.

Analysis of the article abstracts and the titles failed to discover any particular professional interests. Due to a limited amount of original text available the unique vocabulary can't be determined.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to establish Michael T Rudd affiliation. Sadly, no email addresses were found for any of the affiliations.

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