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Summary for 2002 [at-glance overview of Barry M Trost work for the selected year as suggested by data mining algorithms]

This is an Authoratory overview of author Barry M Trost. According to available data, in 2002 Barry M Trost published at least 30 articles. This work was completed in collaboration with several authors including Yeh, Vince S C and Hughes, David L. Many other authors have collaborated with Barry M Trost as well. At least 3 different grants are awarded to Barry M Trost to support this work. All time total of the grant awards on file exceeds $14,330,403.

Barry M Trost is a key opinion leader in numerous areas including Catalysis, Stereoisomerism, Alkylation, Palladium, Ruthenium. This author's highest rank is 1 when compared to all other authors using the keyword Catalysis. Analysis of the article abstracts and the titles suggests that Barry M Trost professional interests are focused around "asymmetric allylic alkylation", "enantio diastereoselective synthesis" and "allylic alkylation aaa". These might also be referred to as "allylic alkylation", "asymmetric allylic" or "total synthesis". Statistical analysis shows that Barry M Trost's writing is likely to contains terms "synthesis", "asymmetric", "reaction", "allylic", "alkylation" and "formation".

The majority of Barry M Trost articles are affiliated with Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, Stanford, California CA 94305-5080, USA. Luckily, several email addresses are on file.

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