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4Salvador Sala


Summary for 2002 [at-glance overview of Salvador Sala work for the selected year as suggested by data mining algorithms]

This is an Authoratory overview of author Salvador Sala. According to available data, in 2002 Salvador Sala published at least 4 articles. This work was completed in collaboration with several authors including Criado, Manuel and Mulet, José. Several other authors have collaborated with Salvador Sala as well. There is no information about the funding or the grants awarded to support this work.

Salvador Sala has rank 33 when compared to all other authors using the keyword Receptors, Nicotinic. Analysis of the article abstracts and the titles suggests that Salvador Sala professional interests are focused around "nicotinic acetylcholine receptors", "human neuronal nicotinic" and "expressed xenopus oocytes". These might also be referred to as "nicotinic acetylcholine", "acetylcholine receptors" or "neuronal nicotinic". Statistical analysis shows that Salvador Sala's writing is likely to contains terms "receptors", "nicotinic", "acetylcholine", "effects", "nachrs" and "human".

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to establish Salvador Sala affiliation. Luckily, one email address is on file.

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Year 2002 Charts [Salvador Sala frequent coauthors and the most common unique vocabulary terms for the selected year]

  • Salvador Sala - Coauthors & Social Network in 2002Salvador Sala - Unique Vocabulary, Keywords and Interests in 2002

Historical Performance Charts [graphical overview of Salvador Sala publication and funding history for the range of years]

  • Salvador Sala - Publications and Funding History in 2002

Emails (1) [email addresses extracted from Salvador Sala affiliations]

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Affiliations (3) [condensed summary of the Salvador Sala affiliations, the leading number and the color conveys importance]

  • 2Instituto de Neurociencias, Universidad Miguel Hernández-Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Hernández-C.S.I.C., Campus de San Juan, Apdo. Correos 18, 03550 Alicante, Spain.
    1Instituto de Neurociencias, Universidad Miguel Hernández-CSIC, Campus de San Juan, 03550-San Juan (Alicante) Spain.
    1National Research Laboratory for the Study of Ginseng Signal Transduction and Department of Physiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University, Kwangju, South Korea.

Key Opinion Leader In [Salvador Sala is considered a key opinion leader in any keyword where the rank of 5 is achieved, the leading number before the keyword shows the author's rank as compared to all other authors]

  • 33Receptors, Nicotinic | 77Oocytes | 129Membrane Potentials | 308Genetic Vectors

Keywords (32) [keywords assigned to Salvador Sala articles by PubMed, the leading number and the color conveys importance]

  • 4Oocytes | 4Animals | 4Receptors, Nicotinic | 3Dose-Response Relationship, Drug | 3Humans | 3Membrane Potentials | 3Genetic Vectors | 2Saponins | 2Ginsenosides | 2Xenopus | 2Xenopus laevis | 2Female | 2Transfection | 2Panax | 1Gene Expression | 1Peptide Mapping | 1Rats | 1Peptide Fragments | 1Cytoplasm | 1Cattle | 1Ion Channels | 1Luminescent Proteins | 1Electrophysiology | 1Bungarotoxins | 1Green Fluorescent Proteins | 1Recombinant Proteins | 1Protein Structure, Secondary | 1Sequence Deletion | 1Molecular Sequence Data | 1Amino Acid Sequence | 1Acetylcholine | 1Patch-Clamp Techniques

Salvador Sala Unique Vocabulary (96) [single words, word pairs and phrases obtained by analysis of abstracts and titles, the leading number and the color conveys importance; Salvador Sala might be a good expert witness on these terms]

  • 15receptors | 14nicotinic | 14acetylcholine | 11effects | 9nachrs | 9human | 9alpha | 8expression | 8neuronal | 7effect | 7loop | 7rg | 7xenopus | 7oocytes | 7jac-65 | 6expressed | 6currents | 6ach | 6ginseng | 6beta | 5concentrations | 5acids | 5amino | 5large | 4action | 4drugs | 4mechanism | 4alpha7 | 4region | 4diltiazem | 3nachr | 3suggesting
  • 12nicotinic acetylcholine | 9acetylcholine receptors | 8neuronal nicotinic | 6human neuronal | 6expressed xenopus | 6xenopus oocytes | 6alpha beta | 5amino acids | 4beta alpha | 4receptors expressed | 3beta4 nachrs | 3active components | 3components ginseng | 3cytoplasmic loop | 2effects benzothiazepines | 2action jac-65 | 2expression levels | 2nachrs effects | 2nicotinic receptors | 2expression functional | 2receptors nachrs | 2acetylcholine ach | 2ionic currents | 2deletions substitutions | 2investigated effect | 2currents evoked | 2decay ionic | 2benzothiazepines human | 2results indicate | 2voltage dependence | 2ginseng effects | 2mechanism action
  • 9nicotinic acetylcholine receptors | 6human neuronal nicotinic | 6expressed xenopus oocytes | 6neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine | 4beta alpha beta | 4receptors expressed xenopus | 4alpha beta alpha | 3active components ginseng | 3nicotinic acetylcholine receptor | 2beta4 nachrs effects | 2decay ionic currents | 2neuronal nicotinic receptors | 2acetylcholine receptors nachrs | 2nicotinic receptors expressed | 2benzothiazepines human neuronal | 2effects benzothiazepines human | 2alpha neuronal nicotinic | 2large cytoplasmic loop | 2acetylcholine receptor subunit | 2effects ginsenoside rg2 | 2acetylcholine receptors expressed | 2effects ginsenosides active | 2loop alpha neuronal | 2ginsenoside rg2 human | 2receptor expression function | 2rg2 human neuronal | 2receptor subunit receptor | 2ginsenosides active components | 2cytoplasmic loop alpha | 2role large cytoplasmic | 2subunit receptor expression | 2components ginseng nicotinic

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Salvador Sala Articles (4) [selected PubMed articles for the year 2002 with the links to a full text at PubMed]