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3R Aalbers


Summary for 2006 [at-glance overview of R Aalbers work for the selected year as suggested by data mining algorithms]

This is an Authoratory overview of author R Aalbers. According to available data, in 2006 R Aalbers published at least 3 articles. This work was completed in collaboration with several authors including van der Molen, T and Dekhuijzen, P N R. Several other authors have collaborated with R Aalbers as well. There is no information about the funding or the grants awarded to support this work.

Analysis of the article abstracts and the titles suggests that R Aalbers professional interests are focused around "lung function symptom", "function symptom control" and "treatment asthma indications". These might also be referred to as "as-needed formoterol", "lung function" or "symptom control". Statistical analysis shows that R Aalbers's writing is likely to contains terms "formoterol", "asthma", "salbutamol", "patients", "ics" and "as-needed".

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to establish R Aalbers affiliation. Luckily, several email addresses are on file.

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Year 2006 Charts [R Aalbers frequent coauthors and the most common unique vocabulary terms for the selected year]

  • R Aalbers - Coauthors & Social Network in 2006R Aalbers - Unique Vocabulary, Keywords and Interests in 2006

Historical Performance Charts [graphical overview of R Aalbers publication and funding history for the range of years]

  • R Aalbers - Publications and Funding History in 2006

Emails (2) [email addresses extracted from R Aalbers affiliations]

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Affiliations (3) [condensed summary of the R Aalbers affiliations, the leading number and the color conveys importance]

  • 1Department of General Practice, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.
    1Dept of Pulmonology, Vlietland Hospital, Burg. Knappertlaan 25, NL-3116 BA Schiedam, The Netherlands.
    1Universitair Medisch Centrum St Radboud, afd. Longziekten, Postbus 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen.

Key Opinion Leader In [R Aalbers is considered a key opinion leader in any keyword where the rank of 5 is achieved, the leading number before the keyword shows the author's rank as compared to all other authors]

  • no keywords assigned

Keywords (20) [keywords assigned to R Aalbers articles by PubMed, the leading number and the color conveys importance]

  • 2Adult | 2Female | 2Male | 2Humans | 2Asthma | 2Bronchodilator Agents | 1Respiratory Function Tests | 1Child | 1Anti-Asthmatic Agents | 1Albuterol | 1Dose-Response Relationship, Drug | 1Adrenal Cortex Hormones | 1Adolescent | 1Respiration | 1Ethanolamines | 1Patient Satisfaction | 1Double-Blind Method | 1Treatment Outcome | 1Administration, Inhalation | 1Cross-Over Studies

R Aalbers Unique Vocabulary (96) [single words, word pairs and phrases obtained by analysis of abstracts and titles, the leading number and the color conveys importance; R Aalbers might be a good expert witness on these terms]

  • 11formoterol | 9asthma | 8salbutamol | 8patients | 8ics | 8as-needed | 7treatment | 7control | 6approach | 5symptom | 4function | 4lung | 3study | 3symptoms | 3compared | 3inhaled | 3results | 3good | 3laba | 3dosage | 3improved | 2assessment | 2expiratory | 2dose | 2preferred | 2change | 2preference | 2indications | 2effective | 2low | 2fev1 | 2total
  • 5as-needed formoterol | 4lung function | 3symptom control | 3as-needed salbutamol | 3function symptom | 2asthma indications | 2compared salbutamol | 2indications change | 2change approach | 2treatment asthma | 2formoterol treatment | 2dose ics | 2demand asthma | 2formoterol demand | 2control formoterol | 2control patients | 2children adults | 2improved lung | 2asthma treatment | 1without salmeterol | 1obtained treatment | 1favoured formoterol | 1acting symptom | 1adequate control | 1concepts result | 1patients remain | 1treatment inhaled | 1assessment effectiveness | 1preferred formoterol | 1asthma patients | 1control maintained | 1long-acting beta2-agonist
  • 3lung function symptom | 3function symptom control | 2treatment asthma indications | 2indications change approach | 2asthma indications change | 2formoterol demand asthma | 2improved lung function | 2symptom control formoterol | 2control formoterol demand | 1symptomatic despite maintenance | 1as-needed salbutamol minimum | 1important therapeutic criterion | 1as-needed formoterol treatment | 1total patients mean | 1minimum effective dose | 1formoterol microg turbuhaler | 1pointwhere adequate control | 1control maintained istep-down | 1study step-up approach | 1adults asthma good | 1ics individual patient | 1medication study involving | 1beta2-agonist laba adult | 1result long-term control | 1asthma patients remain | 1patients total control | 1ics randomised weeks | 1nights compared as-needed | 1expiratory volume fev1 | 1overall lung function | 1double-blind treatment as-needed | 1long-acting beta2-agonist laba

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Funding (0) [selected NIH grants to R Aalbers and the award amounts for recent years]

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R Aalbers Articles (3) [selected PubMed articles for the year 2006 with the links to a full text at PubMed]

  • ABS22: Development of a questionnaire for the assessment of bronchial hyperresponsiveness: the BHQ. (2006) >>

    Department of General Practice, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

    1Riemersma|RA, 1Buijssen|KJ, 1Kerstjens|HA, 2Strijbos|JH, 2Postma|DS, 1Boezen|HM, 3Aalbers, R, 6van der Molen, T, 1van Veldhuizen, W.
  • Improved lung function and symptom control with formoterol on demand in asthma. (2006) >>

    Dept of Pulmonology, Vlietland Hospital, Burg. Knappertlaan 25, NL-3116 BA Schiedam, The Netherlands.

    3Cheung, D, 1OZON study group, 3Aalbers, R, 1van Klink, H C J.
  • [The treatment of asthma: indications for a change in approach] (2006) >>

    Universitair Medisch Centrum St Radboud, afd. Longziekten, Postbus 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen.

    3Wesseling, G, 1Zaagsma, J, 8van Schayck, C P, 3Aalbers, R, 2Van Aalderen, W M C, 6van der Molen, T, 11Dekhuijzen, P N R.