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14Frank M Aarestrup


This is an abridged 2009 data mining report for Frank M Aarestrup. The complete report is available only to the community members. As a guest user you can access the free unabridged reports for this author for the years prior to 2007: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

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Summary for 2009 [at-glance overview of Frank M Aarestrup work for the selected year as suggested by data mining algorithms]

This is an Authoratory overview of author Frank M Aarestrup. According to available data, in 2009 Frank M Aarestrup published at least 14 articles. This work was completed in collaboration with several authors including Hendriksen, Rene S and Hasman, Henrik. Many other authors have collaborated with Frank M Aarestrup as well. There is no information about the funding or the grants awarded to support this work.

Frank M Aarestrup is a key opinion leader on Salmonella, Salmonella Infections, Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field. This author's highest rank is 1 when compared to all other authors using the keyword Salmonella. Analysis of the article abstracts and the titles suggests that Frank M Aarestrup professional interests are focused around "quality assurance system", "external quality assurance" and "susceptibility testing salmonella". These might also be referred to as "antimicrobial susceptibility", "salmonella isolates" or "global salm-surv". Statistical analysis shows that Frank M Aarestrup's writing is likely to contains terms "isolates", "salmonella", "antimicrobial", "laboratories", "susceptibility" and "chickens".

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to establish Frank M Aarestrup affiliation. Luckily, several email addresses are on file.

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  • Frank M Aarestrup - Coauthors & Social Network in 2009Frank M Aarestrup - Unique Vocabulary, Keywords and Interests in 2009

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  • Frank M Aarestrup - Publications and Funding History in 2009

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Key Opinion Leader In [Frank M Aarestrup is considered a key opinion leader in any keyword where the rank of 5 is achieved, the leading number before the keyword shows the author's rank as compared to all other authors]

  • 1Salmonella | 2Salmonella Infections | 2Electrophoresis, Gel, Pulsed-Field | 9Serotyping | 11DNA Fingerprinting | 22World Health Organization | 30Drug Resistance, Bacterial | 30Anti-Bacterial Agents | 54Microbial Sensitivity Tests | 80Cluster Analysis | 159Bacterial Typing Techniques | 189DNA, Bacterial | 663Genotype

Keywords (32) [keywords assigned to Frank M Aarestrup articles by PubMed, the leading number and the color conveys importance]

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Frank M Aarestrup Unique Vocabulary (96) [single words, word pairs and phrases obtained by analysis of abstracts and titles, the leading number and the color conveys importance; Frank M Aarestrup might be a good expert witness on these terms]

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Frank M Aarestrup Articles (14) [selected PubMed articles for the year 2009 with the links to a full text at PubMed]